Asteroid Advocate

Asteroid Advocate is the pseudonym for Jared Livella, a bass player turned drummer turned multi-instrumentalist from Humboldt CA. His first release in 2004 featured several guests including Petroleum Falcon (who produced). It was released by ZSXI Recordings with the following: Moments Realized, the debut album from Asteroid Advocate, was conceived, written, performed and recorded by Jared Livella in Eureka, CA. The songs were broken up into tiny packets and transmitted across the Ethereal Matrix to be further written, deconstructed and/or recorded upon, then mixed by an accomplice in the midwest. A broad range of influences are welded together in this unique blend of instrumental headphone friendly goodness. The Stillness Above, released in 2008, was an entirely ambient release. From the press release: The second installment from Asteroid Advocate takes a detour into subconscious ambient realms. A Fender Rhodes leads the way through darkness and light, quietly imparting it's own subtle wisdom. Lazy airport terminals, coastline sunsets, trains passing in the night, foggy mists and barely understood realities. All in sync with the phases of the moon. This album was carefully mixed to provide aid and comfort to the sleeper while leaving enough for the awake to ponder. In the interim, the Asteroid Advocate has been featured on albums by Petroluem Falcon while performing with The Mod Brothers, Set's Revenge and other local Humboldt musicians. A third album is said to be ...

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