There are at least 3 bands called ASTMA: EBM band, Industrial band and NOISE band. 1. The Swedish old school EBM band has been alive since 2005, releasing material from time to time and continuously playing live concerts. It consists of three members. In 2015 their biggest release to date is coming on EAR records, which is a double CD. 2. Polish Industrial project, formed in late 2006. From the very beginning creating massive, trancing antimusic tracks, incorporating elements of various genres to achieve the goal - creation of this particular atmosphere of solitude, madness and inner emptiness. There is no ideology standing behind these works, as any ideology tends to appear useless in the end. Just great words torn from the reality. Each piece of this music/antimusic pulsates with its own identity with only one thing putting them together: the mentioned atmosphere rid of any bright emotions. 3. Russian Noise / Experimental duo of Olga Nosova (Drums, vocals, bassline) and Alexei Borisov (Guitar, voice, electronics) who have a lot of net release avaible totally free in several sites (, bandcamp, etc). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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