Aston Teague

Looking back you'd think that 27-year-old singer/songwriter Aston Teague had a better chance of becoming an NFL quarterback than a budding musician. By the end of his sophomore year of college he was well on his way to success on the football field. But thanks to some unforeseen changes in Aston's life, he left the cleats behind to follow A New Road of passion driven music and dynamic live performances. Aston's first guitar was a high school graduation gift from his Father. The guitar sat in a dusty dorm room and was rarely played throughout his first few years of college. All of his attention was focused on playing Quarterback at The University of Houston, he was better known as Bubba at that time. After suffering a severe ankle injury Aston almost immediately turned to the guitar for a sense of comfort and peace during those tough times. It wasn't long before Aston began composing his own original songs. Mostly emotional ballads about what he was going through at the time. Looking back now I realize that in that time I developed a true love for writing music and I learned how to look inside for inspiration. Writing was the only time I felt comforatbale about showing my emotions. I had no idea then that I would take it this far. Aston was born in Houston, TX but made the short trip west to Austin, TX in 2005. Since moving to Austin he has performed countless live shows and somehow found the time to finish an acoustic EP that was released in the summer of 2006. He followed th...

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