Bárbara Eugênia


Acclaimed by the public and critics alike, Bárbara Eugênia is part of a new generation of female voices that are redefining the Brazilian musical scene. Born in Rio de Janeiro but calling São Paulo home since 2005, this young artist with a unique voice and highly nuanced stage persona started her career with an invitation from musical producer Apollo 9 to record two tracks for the movie “O Cheiro do Ralo”, directed by Heitor Dhália. Inspired by French chanson, Bárbara decided to shift the focus back onto songs made popular by singers like Anna Karina and Brigitte Bardot, in a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg, idealized by Edgard Scandurra. In her participation in shows by the group 3NAMASSA, comprised of Pupillo and Dengue from Nação Zumbi and Rica Amabis from Instituto, Bárbara added a female touch that made for a magical public performance. As she starts her solo career, Bárbara travels from Brazil to French music, and has been well-received by both the public and the media; her shows in various cities around Brazil signal her coming of age as an artist. In 2009, she decided to record her first album, bringing together a group of friends all seeking to tap her artistic character in surprising ways. She is accompanied by her talented band: Junior Boca, (guitar, musical direction and production), Dustan Gallas (bass, keyboards, mixing and production), Daniel Lima (bass) and Felipe Maia (drums). Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under t...

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