Bērnības Milicija

Bērnības Milicija is a Latvian band founded in Rīga, Latvia in 2002. Formed by Juris Simanovičs (guitars, vocals) and Aiga Upiniece (bass guitar), it has included Liene Hapanioneka (drums), Indra Lazdiņa (accordion), Roberts Gailītis (saxophone) and currently includes Filips Derums (keyboards) and Aigars Valdmanis (drums) amongst its membership. The band's first album, Mūzika Dejām, that was recorced overnight at the legendary Tornis, was released in 2004. The second album named Naktī Guļot uz Muguras came out in 2008. Songs from this album have been played by several United States college radios (KFJC, KBGA, WFMU and others), and also by the legendary Russian cultural journalist, music critic and deejay Artemy Troicky in his broadcast FM Dostoevsky on radio Echo of Moscow. In November 2009 the new drummer Aigars Valdmanis joins the band. His playing style totally changed the sound of Bērnības milicija's music - it became more definite and vigorous, and let the band develop in a more rock-ish way. In the beginning of 2010, Indra Lazdiņa leaves for London. On March 2011 Bērnības Milicija (at that point Juris Simanovičs, Aiga Upiniece and Aigars Valdmanis) released EP Nevietā, a compilation of four songs - Dieva pirksts; Ļaunā krāsā; Kāda balss kliedz and Industrija. Ļaunā krāsā made it twice to the first place on Latvian radio NABA's Top 10, and was in the top for ten weeks, the max amount of weeks a song can stay at the top. It is also include...

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