Bằng Kiều

Bằng Kiều (born 13th July 1973 in Hanoi) is a Vietnamese singer and born into a family with entertainment in vein. His Mom was a singer who happened to sing all sort of traditional and folk music. Even though his dad is a doctor, he had participated in music productions with passions and energetic. He had participated in music when he’s still in primary. He started to study art at “Hanoi National Conservatory of Music” in 1989. The main instrument that he played was the Bassoon, but due to the fact that he loved singing and soft music and to performed on the stage of his own, he began a band consists of all his friends who studied at “Hanoi National Conservatory of Music” with him. The first band was called “ the Golden Key”, but after that, the band “Hoa Sua” consists of all the famous people like: Ngoc Chau, Vu Quang Trung, Ngoc Hung, Luong Ngoc Minh, etc. Had helped him to developed to sing more and to direct him to the first few steps of entertainment. With the band “Hoa Sua” he had sang at different avenue and at different places for students at different schools and colleges from 1990 to 1996. His big break was in 1997 when famous Vietanamese singer My Linh ask him to record a duet with her. Both of them had produced numerous number 1 songs and some of them are: Neu Ðieu Ðo xay ra, Giot Suong Trên Mi Mat, Trai Tim Khong Ngu Yen trong, etc. By recording those songs with My Linh, he had won over many hearts. In 1998, he formed a band called ...

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