Bad Love ~ Seattle, WA High-energy rock-and-roll The band released a self-titled 7 track debut in 2008 as a four piece but said farewell to Joshua Henningsgaard (Guitars/Vocals) in 2010 as he relocated to Thailand to seek spiritual satisfaction and live out a long time dream. 2011 through 2012 was marked by vigorously returning to playing live shows anywhere from house parties to dive bars as a three-piece, firing up audiences with blazing original new material. The Captain lost his golden locks and Crawlin' grew a beard. Boogie on demand. 2013 the year of enlightenment - a new record in the works and label interest. The truth of the matter is that the world needs rock and roll and Bad Love is bringing it to the people. Facebook Members: Crawlin' Aun Backstrom - Guitars/Vocals Ross The Captain Little - Bass Nate Gallegos - DrumsRock and roll transcendentalism. The belief that boogie will set you free. Hailing from the birthplace of Louie Louie, Hendrix, The Sonics and the 90's rock explosion... BAD LOVE have earned their due in northwest clubs, beer-stained dive bars, wild house parties and raucous dance halls. This is their new EP DAUGHTERS - a tribute to rock and roll spirituality. Cosmic Americana. Celebrating sonic salvation through the thumping rhythm of the universe. Maximum volume recommended. Daughters released March 20th 2014 and available at Bandcamp These guys shower audiences with blistering blues-riffage and hard rock gusto. - Seattle Sinner Take it from u...

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