There are currently at least three artists/groups that go by this name. The first is the Turkish Rock band, and the second is an underground Rap artist who is part of 7th Seal Entertainment and Mission Infect. As the first Turkish glam rock band to release an album, Badluck was formed in 1990 as a union of three bands: T-Rex, Kolon and Trans. In 1992, they released their self-titled album, Badluck, which has 10 songs (in English). In 1993, they opened for Bon Jovi at the Inonu Stadium in Istanbul. Unfortunately, the band split up shortly after the concert. Members: Cenk Durmazel: Vocals Levent Buyuk: Guitars, Back Vocals Barış Buyuk : Keyboards Burak Kulaksizoglu: Bass Guitar Arbak Dal: Drums The second artist, BADLUCK (also known as 13aDLucK), is an underground MC hailing from Bed-Stuy, NYC. As one half of the blocSonic artist Luck & Ripps he helped to bridge the golden-era hip-hop sound with a modern flavor. In October, 2011, he brings his solo sound to blocSonic with his album Renaissance 2011. The third artist, BadLuck, is an underground music artist that belongs to Mission:Infect. He started making music around 1995 and started a group named Medula with Fed-Up. The group released their first album in 2001 titled 'Brainwashed'. Years later the group seperated. BadLuck met an artist named Lo Key later on. The 2 would eventually start Mission:Infect in 2006. The name became popular in the underground music area releasing several albums such as 'Chemical Threats', Xter...

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