Badversion is an alternative rock band formed in London in 2012 by Milan Jankovic. The original line up of the band includes Lycourgos Xenophontos on guitar and Carlos Dittborn on Bass. The Band recorded their debut album in separate sessions between 2012 and 2013, whilst mixing was finalized in 2014 along with Mastering. Their style is explained in detail below, but can briefly be described as a combination reminiscent to both the 60's progressive rock scene and 90's post-grunge scene. The name of the band comes from the duality of the human being showing the different aspects of man's complex personality, as a creator and a destructor element in nature. The lyrics deal with man’s constant inner struggle between the dark and light - good and bad, the psychology of human relationships and their perception of the outside world. Their music is accompanied with additional string and keyboard sections arranged by the talented Chilean artist Pedro Santa Cruz, producing very atmospheric environments in the songs. Their style often drifts to melancholic and psychedelic feelings, although remaining predominantly up-tempo. All the songs are played and recorded by the core members of the band, whereas the tracks and lyrics are composed and written by Milan Jankovic, who also co-produced the album and managed the entire production process. The other co-producer and the main sound engineer on the record was Marko Zivanovic, an up and coming sound wizard from Serbia in his very own ...

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