BAISER was a visual-kei band from Tokyo, Japan, formed in May 1991. Very influential, the band played an important role in the 90s visual-kei scene. BAISER was created by the vocalist and leader of the band, Yukari. The original line-up was the following: Yukari on vocals, Hiderou on guitar, Akane on synth guitar, Haiji on bass guitar and Gaz (former MALICE MIZER member) on drums (support). Gaz was replaced with Akihiro in 1993. In 1993, they released their first demo-tape Daraku, limited to 100. They participated in some compilation albums and their second demo-tape, Fleurs des Fleurs was released a year later. Around this time, their image and music was very dark. They gained some more fans and in 1994, the band managed to sign a contract to the indies label, Monster EP, releasing their first album, Seppun Kuchizuke in June. There was another change in the line-up, Akihiro left the band. He was replaced by Toshimi in 1995, and together with their new drummer they recorded their next album, ASH, which ranked #2 on the ORICON indies album chart. In January 1996, all of the band members apart Yukari and Akane left the band (musical differences). BAISER was put on hiatus, while Yukari and Akane searched for new members. Unfortunately, Akane was forced to leave the band due to his father's illness. The band was finally reformed by Yukari again in September 1997. The new members were: Mizuki and Rei (both guitarists and former members of the band I'ris), Shaisuke (former P...

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