Straight out of the Bay Area in early 2008 Bang Data was born, bringing you a mix of slick and melodic guitar, gritty synch & bass, over bang electro-acoustic rhythms; making this the perfect canvas for Deuce Eclipses bilingual rhymes and melodies. Bang Data's sound is a mash-up of styles combining hints of Latin, Reggae. Hip-Hop & Rock triggering memories of music we once grew up with yet offering a futuristic vision of Latin Alternative music. Everyone in the group has been actively part of the Bay Area music scene: Deuce Eclipse (Zion I Crew. J- Boogie) on vocals. Juan Manuel Caipo (Orixa) on drums & Keys. Dave Lopez (Flipsyde) on guitar and Marco Guzman (Dave Rude Band) on bass. Bang Data's live performance is edgy. energetic and contagious: pushing the songs from their upcoming CD even further. The debut CD EP entitled Maldito Carnaval will drop this Fall 2009. The EP was produced by Caipo at his Oakland based studio and includes 7 songs that take you from a Samba-Ska-Cumbia and Electro-Bossanova to a Synth Bass Heavy Stooges infested beat. Also featured is a heartfelt arrangement of Piero’s 70’s Latin- American classic song Mi Viejo— a tribute to all immigrant fathers. The EP has special guest performances by Karl Perrazzo from Santana. Steve Bradley from No Doubt, Mario Silva from Pellejo Seco and DJ Amplive from Zion I. Stay tuned for more on Bang Data! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA...

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