Barbarian Black Metal - from Jurjura Mountaines BARBAROS was called into its existence during 1998, it was the intention of the two founding members Ayrod (Vocals, Guitars) as well as Kabal (Drums, programming) to call forth a band which would contribute it's music to the black metal in the old vein of BATHORY, MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, IMMORTAL...etc. At the end of 1999 This line-up was changed for Mounircanigula (Drums), Ayrod (Guitars), Samirstrauss (Vocals), Raoufcannibal (bass),at these times the gathering between members is rarely. At the end of 2000 the line-up was flip for Lord Igret (Bass) and Kabal (Drums), Ayrod (Vocals, Guitars). Recording the first demo called Barbaros -self distribution to 33 copy on tape A format under the own label DARK ARTS. To play on stage, BARBAROS line-up was reinforced by Moh Strogg(Drums). after a few months of rehearsals. the first live appearance of BARBAROS takes place in festival to Urban library of Mohamadia the nights of the correspondence Algiers,September 27, 2001 in front of approximately 200 persons in the hall of the library. After this event, we are in 2002, some problematic appeared. the line-up was reduced to the original line-up Ayrod and Kabal. the heralds of BARBAROS continued working on new material, so different than a first demo, the idea comes without knowing what they would sound like with Synthesizer guitars in a distortion machine, the first experience was Forest Of Anger the second demo on DARK ARTS released less-t...

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