Year 2004 In Bogota Bestialized born with the ideas of B-Morrt and Satanized two vocalists and guitarists influenced by Black Metal rapid and extreme, wanting to make a different band after having gone through local bands years ago, at the end of this year joins Demonoizhard on drums, and giving shape to the compositions and sound coupling with a unique and characteristic called Bestial Black Metal. Year 2005 Diabolishammer (bass player) joined the band and debut with Bestialized live next to the Norway band CARPATHIAN FOREST in a concert that left see the professionalism with which Bestialized makes a show. It recorded a two promotional items with the name DESTROYING ALL FUCKING FAITH taking very well received by the scene Metalera the country with more than 1000 downloads on the website of the Colombian rock Also this year are some concerts in the local scene, with bands like Black Angel of Peru, Esbbat Cali, Atanab, Manithou Medellin among others. Year 2006 Earlier this year Diabolishammer left the band for personal projects and we welcome in May to-M666 Howitzer for the implementation of the Lower and consolidates an alignment fixed and constant. For the second half of the year will fall to study recording the debut album and concerts are made locally with bands like Horncrowned, The Satan's Scourge, Esbbat, Generation 666 among others, and devising a very powerful to be on stage and with a fairly strong identity. Year 2007 With the constant alignment...

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