Found in 1996 by Ivailo Kunchev (drums), Aleksnder Calanov (bass) and George Lazarov (guitar), the band was nearly defunct. After Akeksander's unsuccessful attempt to play bass for Stoyan Stoyanov's band, named Divorced Friends, he asked Stoyan to try for a vocalist at BFH. The first rehearsal went great! The magic sounded from the first minute! A couple years later, after releasing their demo tape on Freemind records, the band added a new guitar player - Konstantin and recorded their second album - Burned From Hope. The band kept writing music, even though the members had spread through the country. The third album - Bits Forming Humanity would have been a conceptualized piece about the different members of humanity and their roles. Seven of the songs were recorded in 2003, but never ever mixed or mastered. You can check them out here, as raw as they were once recorded. In 2007, after Stoyan came back from the Las Vegas, USA, where he currently lives, and Ivo came back from Germany, they did a reunion show in Varna, which brought them back together and got the spirits boiling again. The official plans are for rehearsals and songwriting to continue after the return of Stoyan to Bulgaria in 2010. Currently Aleksander and BFH's second drummer - Dancho write music for the Bulgarian Narional Theater; Ivo teaches drums in Germany; Kosio is in the band called PIzza, George is a constant worker on two-three jobs and a loving father of 2 kids; Stoyan works and lives with his fami...

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