BG. Knocc Out


Born January 23rd 1975 as Arlandis Hinton , BG Knocc Out is an African American west coast rapper best known for collaborating with Eazy-E on Real Muthaphukkin City G'z. B.G was raised by a single mother. B.G & His older brother Dresta grew around the streets of Compton, A city known for it's violent Police Department and Gang related crimes. Knocc out, lived a life of high and lows. Nobody looked out for him or his brother Dresta so trying to survive alone Dresta and Knocc Out started Gang Banging and before you knew it Dresta was doing 5 years behind bars. Knocc Out now had to take care of his younger brothers and sisters as he was the 2nd eldest in the family. Dresta spent his days in prison writing and kept good contact with his brother and soon Knocc Out was writing too. It was hard for Knocc Out without his brother to back him up so he went through tough and dangerous times while his brother was locked up. When Dresta got out him and Knocc Outs skills on the mic were quickly spotted by Toenail records in 1993. Then later they hooked up with an old friend Eazy E and their appearance on Eazys album Its On (Dr.Dre)187um Killa was all he wanted to make it a top selling album of the year. Now thanks to the success of Eazys album Knocc Out and Dresta became well established in the game and started work on their own solo album that was to be called Real Brothas which is their only album to date. Eazy E was meant to feature on DPG killa but was taken to hospital and later die...

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