This page might refer to at least 2 artists/groups by the same name. 1- BIC is a Haitian artist who rose to fame in Haiti when he joined the Haitian group Flex in 2000. He play a big role in releasing the group's second album Pouki. Eventually the members of the group went their separate ways. BIC decided to work on a solo album (“Wow”) which saw the light in 2005 and enjoyed moderate success with the single Wow and Viva la Vida. In 2008, BIC went on to release his second album titled Plus Loin with fellow BIC Group musicians, including the single Dyalog Moun Fou (Le'm We'w). It wouldn't take long for BIC and his stable of musicians to go back to the studio and work on his 3rd album. Kreyol Chante Kreyol Konprann hit the Haitian stores in the summer of 2010, following the single and video Yon Ti Kalkil which was a big post-earthquake success. He released a book called Le champ magnéBIC in 2011. BIC official website Kreyol Chante, Kreyol Konprann 2- BIC is basically a group of young up and coming teenagers with intellect doing this for the love of hip hop. You should get used to them being around because this is just the beginning and they are dedicated to bringing you that quality shit time and time again. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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