BLÆRG BLÆRG began as Scott Wehman, a bassist for varied local metal bands since the age of 15, was searching for more alternate musical outlets. Kismet brought him across an article entitled “How to Begin Experiments in Electronic Music.” Scott followed the detailed advice of the article and, having obtained some equipment via the internet, began the experiment. Scott readily embraced the freedom of electronica after the inconsistencies and lack of creative liberties found in a band setting. Soon he found that his audio-visions reached far beyond the meager memory capabilities of his hobbled tackle and he enlarged his search radius. This led him to peer-to-peer music sharing which further expanded his scope of musical possibilities. “I became obsessed with this “new” music (breakcore/idm etc.) and the literally endless possibilities it implied. My total fascination with the idea of sampling/manipulation continues to thrive and grow to this day.” BLÆRG’s fierce determination to spread awareness of this sound has led to local Midwest performances including Indianapolis, Indiana and Detroit Michigan, farther east to New York City and even internationally to Toronto, Canada, Ghent, Belgium and Rotterdam in The Netherlands. BLÆRG has performed and appeared on compilations alongside a variety of notable artists including Dev/Null and Xanopticon. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons ...

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