There's multiple artists with this name: 1.) BAE is a trio unit that's part of Paradox Live. Paradox Live is a Hip-Hop multimedia collaboration project between AVEX and GCrest that debuted on Feburary 2, 2020. The Bae unit consists of characters Allen Sugasano (朱雀野 アレン, MC Name: SUZAKU), Yeon Hajun (燕夏準, MC Name: 48) and Anne Faulkner(アン。フォ―クナ―, MC Name: anZ). The characters are portrayed by Gakuto Kajiwara (Allen), Ayumu Murase (Yeon) and 96 Neko (96猫, Anne Faulkner). While the designs for the characters was by Akikane. 2019 The group's first single BaNG!!! had a music video released on avex's YouTube channel on December 9, 2019. 2020: Paradox Live Opening Show On February 12, 2020 Paradox Live's first CD Paradox Live Opening Showwas released. It contained BAE's single BaNG!!! along with singles from the units Cozmez, The Cat's Whiskers and AKYR. BAE's second single, AmBitious!!! had a music video released on February 26, 2020 that was uplaoded to Paradox Live's YouTube channel. This single would later appear on Paradox Live's second album, Paradox Live Stage Battle Desire. Like the previous album, it contained a single from the unit cozmez. 2.) BaE is a Latin group that was part of the reality tv show La Vox Mexico. (The format of this show was based on The Voice.) The members were Omar Cruz (Mexican), Ricky Beck (Mexican), Jax (Colombian) and Kevin Prato (Venezuelan). Read more on User-contributed tex...

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