Back Pocket Memory

Back Pocket Memory (referred to as BPM) has been making music together for the last four years. All five members, front-man Chris Pennington, guitarists Eddie Rosales and Ian Felchlin, bassist Rob Gallagher and drummer Jason Montgomery grew up in the band’s hometown of Burbank, California. Together they form a high intensity, charismatic band of musicians that have quickly gathered a loyal and rabid following. In August of 2006, BPM played their first show together and it began the perpetual forward momentum that has carried the band to where they are today. Each member demonstrated a constant dedication to their music, tailoring their lives in order to fully develop and achieve the band’s potential. Eventually the members didn’t regard one another as just band mates, but as friends and family. This unique dynamic allowed music to flow freely through each rehearsal and led to the creation of full songs with emotional depth, complexity and diversity. 2009 proved to be the coming of age for the band. BPM extended their reach across the United States, from Southern California to New York City. Winners of the 2009 Emergenza Los Angeles battle of the bands, BPM defeated over 200 local bands to achieve top honors. In August they were humbled and proud to have played with Taking Back Sunday and Flogging Molly in the Taubertal Open Air Festival in Rothenburg, Germany. They also began work on their first full length album with Producer Robbie Rist, at his studio in Woodland ...

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