Backbone Slip

Band Members: Joe Whiting - Vocals Mark Doyle - Guitar, Keyboards & Percussion Paul Laronde/ Mike Doyle - Bass Mark Tiffault / Cathy Lamanna - Drums There is not much to find on the internet about this group in general. However, I did find these bits of information below. On one of their LP's titled 'Swamp Water'. A Review on Ebay. ( Backbone Slip, led by former Jukin' Bone bandmates Mark Doyle and Joe Whiting, produced their masterpiece with this disc. The songwriting is catchy and the covers are perfectly selected. Doyle's production is vibrant and alive, causing the performances to leap off the disc, and coaxing the best from all the musicians. A re-recording of their classic Jungle Fever kicks the disc off and it never looks back. Doyle's solo on Ray Charles' I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town should be mandatory listening for anyone who's ever picked up a guitar and tried to play the blues, and Robbie Spagnoletti's drumming warrants special mention. Find this disc! It'll be worth the search. Nadeau Music 'Doyle and Whiting' ( ) Mark Doyle and Joe Whiting are one of the most celebrated partnerships from Syracuse, New York's rich pool of musicians. They have played together in various bands dating back to the early 1960's. I would highly recommend listening a copy of Buried Bones to get a full understanding of the music these g...

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