Backdoor Men

There are two artists: 1) Sweden's mighty Backdoor Men originally started up as the mod band Pow in 1982. Two years later Robert Jelinek, a Czechoslovak immigrant, joined the group and the sound and look changed and became wilder. The band released two brilliant singles and later Jelinek and Hans Ingemansson went on and formed The Creeps. The rest is garage rock history. Later drummer Ismael Samie joined The Livingstones - a super group who also featured members from Crimson Shadows and The Stomachmouths. 2) The Backdoor Men were first envisioned in the mid-1960s by the childhood friends Dan & Chris Cook (yes, brothers) and Terry Hartman, all of Fairview Park and all in the throes of an obsession kicked off first by the British Invasion and later fueled by the Byrds, Bob Dylan, and both urban and country blues. By the time the boys launched themselves onto Cleveland's original music scene in 1977, they had twisted these influences into a repertoire of a couple dozen originals in the nuggets psycho-garage mode to go along with their selection of British Invasion, American Psychedelic, and New York/Detroit underground covers. Initially, the boys in BDM found it difficult to crack the Pirate's Cove, which was the center of a scene that included contemporaries such as Pere Ubu, the Dead Boys, and others. Their solution was to start their own alternative showcase just down the street in a dingy bar called Fitzpatrick's Rainbow. Soon the lads were booking a slew of acts to acco...

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