There are more than one band with the name Backlash. 1) Backlash from New Jersey were formed in 1991, the band recorded and released a demo, two 7s and a 12 and played over 300 shows. They played hardcore inspired by legendary NYHC bands like Judge, Leeway, Cro-Mags and Sick Of It All. 2) Formed in Lidkoping, Sweden in 1998 by three talented young men, Backlash now (2k6-08) two albums and a few Eps later stands at the frontier of Swedish electronic music. The combination of Niklas' sensitive compositions, Oskar's battering sound engineering and Erik's brute force of singing creates a new hard electronic sound that few others has manage to create. Music in the borderlands of minimalistic techno and electro-pop. 3) Formed in Scotland, a punk band of the early 90s, Backlash were popular for their chaotic live shows and musical intensity. Backlash were Dek Hill(guitar) (RIP), Coln Burns (bass), Jock Hart (drums to 1990), Kevin Bowyer (drums). Their released included Sick Sick Sick, Square Eyes and Not Interested and they were also known for their high-tempo renditions of popular classics like Shout, Runaway, White Wedding and The Boxer. 4) The Dutch metal band Backlash was formed in Vlissingen in 1999. They have released two demos (2001 & 2003) , a live video CD (2002) and one full-length (The Binary Code, 2004). They describe their music - which is a mix of death metal, thrash and heavy metal - as 'brutal metal'. The band broke up in 2005, but in the end of 2007 they decid...

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