Backside Slappy

Pop-punk/Emo-core with 80s metal hooks, Backside Slappy are all about high-energy anthems that make you want to sing along to every track. Just imagine the sound of Iron Maiden, Less Than Jake, and Weezer joining forces to kick the bejesus out of Dashboard. Backside Slappy is Jason Bryant on bass and vocals, Jose' Ciceraro on guitars, and Allen Powell on drums. Since 2001, the band has averaged 150 shows a year and has opened up for national acts such as The Pietasters, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Thrice, Strife, and Rise Against. After the purchase of their very own van, Backside Slappy started playing shows in several college towns in Virginia and has toured outside of their home state to play several shows in Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Pittsburg, PA, Columbus, OH; Charleston, WV; Somerset, KY; Nags Head, NC; and most recently, Toronto, Ontario. The band has also sold out of the 1800 copies of their six song EP within one year of being pressed. Backside Slappy can be heard on several college radio stations around the country and internet radio stations as well. Just recently, the band has picked up the sponsorship of Outlook Skates, an East Coast skateboard manufacturer and skateboard accessory distributor that also sponsors Steve Caballero's skate-punk band, The Faction. Three songs from their No More Sad Songs EP are also featured in video clips for the ever-popular punk rock, goth, and emo pin-up girl website, Backside Slappy recorded...

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