There are 2 different band with the name Backsight. 1) They would like to annihilate our passions, our desires, our dreams for a better control. To steal from us every breath of life for a better enslavement. How many ways do we really have? Do we have a choice? Are we free to live our lives as we would like? Or are we just the modern slaves of a system that finds pleasure at persuading us of our liberty? We’re nothing more than puppets. Everything’s under control, until that so called anti-establishment thinking... They feed us with stupid dreams, unattainable desires, jalousy on a consumption background. They deceive us with hope of a better life, a peace of soul, an almighty truth on a spiritual background. Just to make us forget our shitty life. Of course, “it could be worse”. So what? Should we be happy to spent the 3/4 of our existence working to survive and to establish a little bit more the system that maintain us in that kind of logics? We should be happy to see our passions calming down day after day, the lives of our close friends being ruined, our desires falling down into resignation, our spirits filling with stupid dreams, only ways out of a too depressing daily routine... This is not the life we want to have. Even if individually we can’t change our condition, at least we can try to not fall into resignation, to not become what we hate, to not swallow all their shit, to make an effort to live our passions at their best, to fulfilled ourselves as huma...

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