There are at least 3 bands called Backsliders. One is from Australia (see and the other, from Finland, is described below. The third is an alternative country rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Finnish biker band Backsliders were Marko Asser Hirsma (vocals & bass), Dan Danny Peter Wilhelm Eklund (guitar), Antti Kalervo Ana Haglund (drums) and Olli Sakari Hilden (except on the first two albums where they were a trio) (guitar). On the latest album Marko Kainulainen (played with Andy McCoy and Boycott) replaced Antti Haglund who passed away. Olli ?lli Hilden is cousin of better known finnish hard rocker Michael Monroe and played bass in his first band (originally Black Magic named after Black Sabbath changed it to Hoople after Mott The Hoople), which also included Michael's brother on drums (year was 1971 and Michael 9 years old). He also plays on some Michaels latter solo stuff. In 1990 most legendary finnish guitarist Albert (aka Pekka Johannes) J?rvinen (ex-Hurriganes) joined the band and they recorded one album that consists of Hurriganes covers under name Flashbacksliders. J?rvinen died in 1991 for abuse of alcohol etc. In 1993 ?lli joined Pelle Miljoona when short time guitarist Markku Crazy Heiskanen went back to his ex-band Havana Black. ?lli plays on Pelle's albums Ok! and Juuret (Roots). Hirsma was shot dead in a parking lot in autumn 2001. Band had very hard reputation early on, here's a quote from finnish Rumba music magazine ('...

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