Backstab first saw the light in late 2008, when boys from around Latvia came together to have fun and express their musical ideas, aside from everyday jobs and studies. In 2007 Martin (guitar), Eric (guitar) and Roland (drums) laid the foundations of the band. First ideas were mostly metalcore-ish and were not presented to public due to incompleteness of the band. In 2008 Arthur joins in as the bass-guitarist and back vocal for the band. The search for a vocalist continues. In 2009 Backstab still looks for the vocalist, but fails to succeed. First concerts include Saldus Youth Week in July 2009 and the festival “Return to Surface” in August. The drummer, Roland, serves as the vocal in these gigs; however, the band disapproves such an option in the future. In late 2009 the band delves into searches of style and future prospects, after Martin leaves the country for an unspecified time. In spring 2010, after a short break, Martin returns and the band is reunited into a new form. Arthur becomes the frontman of the band and Carl Calvish joins as the bass. Practically all of the old songs are utilized giving way to a fresh start. The style is changed to groove/hardcore metal, which seemingly is the better choice. The band finally decides to step out on the stage and since then has played in such places as:  Depo (Morea),  Fontaine Palace (Flashlight)  VEF 5th building (Skatepark)  Rocabilly  Valmiera (Stage Number 1)  Muse (Vilnius, LT)  festival Sutas B...

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