Backstreet Girls

Backstreet Girls is a rock/punk/glam-band formed in Oslo, Norway in 1984 by two pair of brothers named Pål Kristensen (bass), Tom Kristensen (vocals), Petter Baarli (guitar) and Bjørn Terje Baarli (drums). They self-released their debut album, Mental Shakedown, in 1986, and just weeks later it was re-released by Mercury and the bands first record deal was a reality. Tom Kristensen left the band before the debut was released and was replaced by Arne Aarnes. Before the release of the debut album, the band also had Stein Ramberg (guitar), Jon Berg (guitar) and Anders Kronberg (vocals) in their ranks, all for just a short period of time. Before the recording of their second album, a new vocalist, Bjørn Müller (former Present Easter Bunnies, Z-Off and Quadromachetas), joined the band. With this lineup, the band recorded their two breakthrough albums and it is considered to be the classic Backstreet Girls lineup. Three albums later, in 1991, the band split with both label and vocalist and signed with Warner Bros and Olle Hillborg from Glorious Bankrobbers. This lasted for one album and then the band broke with their label and changed vocalist once again. The new singer was Pat Diamond and he recorded one album with the band before he left. This album was not released at the time, but was due to be released around Christmas 2007. Bjørn Müller then rejoined the band and they signed a record deal with Face Front. In 1999, founding member Pål Kristensen left the band and was...

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