Backyard Bangers

The hip-hop-derived-electronic music production/DJ team of E.Moss and The Troublemaker make for an interesting combination of creative styles and personalities, to say the least. While E.Moss concentrates on nice little chord changes and melodies to warm the soul, the more mischievous Troublemaker is concerned with cracking you over the head with hard snare snaps and giving kick drum stomps to the gut. E.Moss prefers to take his sweet time crafting their mostly sample-based tracks, whereas The Troublemaker tends to push things forward at an accelerated pace. And though E.Moss may be the monogamous type, the so-single-you-can-tell-by-his-unshaven-face Troublemaker finds inspiration in, uh . . . well, he happens to find it in gorgeous women everywhere. But when the two collaborate in their backyard self-built home studio known as Hollyrock, hidden comfortably in the LA neighborhood Atwater Village, it all adds up. Before combining their talents, both E. Moss (a NY native) and The Troublemaker (from Los Angeles) were busy working on their own individual projects. They both began their music careers as college radio DJs -- E.Moss at WCBN (University of Michigan) in Ann Arbor, MI, and Troublemaker at ACRN (Ohio University) in Athens, OH. After school was done, E.Moss headed back to NY where he began spinning DJ sets around town and providing beats for the hip-hop group Atmos (with MC Proven Self). Atmos released a couple of 12-inches on their own indie 4M in '99 and 2000, whic...

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