Bad Acid Trip

Bad Acid Trip is an experimental grindcore band that is currently signed with Serj Tankian's record label, Serjical Strike. They have been recording music since the early 1990's, but it wasn't until 1999 with the release of For the Weird By the Weird that they began reaching wider audiences. Serjical Strike first began releasing BAT's work in 2004, with a reissue of For the Weird, and Lynch the Weirdo, produced by Daron Malakian (System of a Down). After scoring a slot on Ozzfest's second stage in 2006, the band began touring less to begin working on new material. Recently they announced that an EP, Symbiote Slavery, would be released by the end of 2009, in lieu of an album. An album is still in the works, albeit with no release date, titled Humanly Possible. Guitarist Kieth Aazami has cited (among others) Brutal Truth, Primus, Death, Jane's Addiction, Minor Threat, and King Crimson as influencing Bad Acid Trip's sound. Members * Dirk Rogers - Vocals * Jose Perez - Drums * Kieth Aazami - Guitars, Banjo, & Backing Vocals * Caleb Schnider - Bass Former members * Chris Mackie - Bass Discography LPs * For The Weird By The Weird (1999) * Lynch The Weirdo (April 20th, 2004) EPs * Live At The Fudge (July 19th, 1995) (split with Anyone) * Remember * Bad Acid Trip (split with Laceration) * Bad Acid Trip (split with Agathocles) * Bad Acid Trip (split with Kung-fu Rick) * Bad Acid Trip (split with Benumb) * Bad Ac...

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