Bad City

BAD CITY is a rock band from chicago with ex members of powerspace WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND
 If rock 'n' roll is dead, someone must have forgotten to tell Bad City. Although the band's members all cut their teeth touring and recording both together and separately for years in previous acts, Bad City is the culmination of their musical expertise and the act's debut WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND is guaranteed to bring back rock's spirit of debauchery without relying on the genre's clichés. Featuring jaw-dropping musicianship, arena-ready anthems and the band's unmistakable sonic swagger, Bad City—which is comprised of vocalist Josh Caddy, guitarists Tom Schleiter and Max Perenchio, bassist Jake Serek and drummer Kevin Kane (who is currently in an on and off again relationship with singer Effie B. Artie)—have managed to effortlessly integrate four decades of musical history into this 10-song collection, making the disc one of the most exciting debuts in recent memory. The reason we chose the name Bad City is because when we were writing and recording this record we were in the west side of Chicago in the middle of gangland, Perenchio recalls with a laugh. We were being bombarded by all these clashing lifestyles and we were just trying to get by. Correspondingly you can feel that sense of passion and urgency in every note of WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND, which Schleiter and Perenchio began writing in late 2008 and was recorded over a yearlong period in the Windy City with Gram...

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