Bad Coyotes

the sound of alligators growlin at a rusty lawnmower while your girlfriend yells atchu to get the fuck off the porch and stop drinkin or let her have some. Sound like the sound of a top seal of a can of pomeade crackin off in the heat of the summer next to the swelter of a city river while a freight train rolls over yer head on a tressle. sounds like the start up of a motorcycle with broken pipes fartin out a buncha majical sound that sounds great but won't run right and you know you ain't going fucking no where any time soon. It sound a little bit like a blackout night in the tenderloin doin poppers on a roof top on leavenworth high on too much cocaine throwin bottles at the people leavin that shitty ass club across the street till the cops come and can't find you. Sounds a little bit like driving a dodge 330 up onto grizzly peak witha bunch a girls when your single and don't give a fuck and rather get high as shit and fuck than anything else because tommorow you go back to work so you better get it all in before the whistle blows in the mornin. Sound like all the good and bad times I ever had with my friends and loved ones and all the shit that has spun out of control because of it. sounds like a buncha dirty dog coyotes who got nothing to lose so they just howl around drifting through the night blood thirsty, irate, loud, fucked, beaten, strong ......... rock n roll. ...sounds like dirty rock n roll. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creati...

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