Bad Dream Fancy Dress

It's both hilarious and a devastating deconstuction of the girl group stereotype. Melody Maker, December 3 1988 This is what remains of the scrubbed apple cheeks of England. Bad Dream Fancy Dress are a screechy couple with no respect for conventional tuning. This is actual English pop music and if it gives you an ear ache that's your problem. Nick Coleman, Time Out, December 1988 Glorious stuff, like watching two teenage waitresses with very sharp fingernails going berserk and savaging a smug executive diner. How can mere sensible pop music possibly compete? Melody Maker, December 3 1988 Originally released on the classic El label, 'Choirboys Gas' is typical of the kind of leftfield bohemian sound that was championed by major influence 'Mike Alway' at the time. Cally and Katz, two brilliantly intelligent and party-loving girls from Leigh-On-Sea in Essex teamed with the King Of Luxembourg, who wrote and produced this most stunning pop essay of an album. The joy of sex and the pleasures of subversion are charted on a great album that is Punk wrapped in a chocolate box. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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