Bad Dudes

BAND: Bad Dudes formed in Los Angeles and played their first show in a big pink house on Valentine's Day. The two guitarists, Brady Miller (also in brutal-prog supergroup, Upsilon Acrux) and Dan Gerchik from the short-lived punk band Miracle Chosuke (Dimmak Records) were the charter members. Phil Cobb (and later Marty Sataman of Friends in the Mountains) was recruited on keys, Daniel Haworth on bass and finally Benn Aigboboh on drums. After completing a West Coast tour with New Yorkers and Breaker Breaker, Bad Dudes set out to record their first album with Rafter Roberts (Black Heart Procession, Go Go Go Airheart) at Singing Serpent Studios in San Diego. The album was a split release between upstart Louisiana's Brain Burger Records and the local One Cell Records (Subtitle, Labwaste, Days End), and has garnered much praise. Their sound sets out to combine the best elements of punk, progressive and classic rock and has been compared to King Crimson, Daft Punk, the Monorchid and, well, Miracle Chosuke. They have shared the stage with the Fucking Champs, Moving Units, Upsilon Acrux, the Melvins, Big Business, Flying Luttenbachers, the Mae Shi and the Chinese Stars amongst others. GROUP: Bad Dudes are troupe of Producer/Arranger/Performers who cover video game music. They have released half a dozen free EPs on their Web site. Their first CD release, CHRONOTORIOUS, launched on August 18, 2009. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commo...

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