Bad Genes

There are two groups known as Bad Genes; a hip-hop group, and a hardcore punk group. ---- Three years ago, The Bad Genes crew was formed; a collaboration of emcees and musicians dedicated to bringing an eclectic mix of musical taste and ethnic backgrounds to the hip-hop community. The group fuses their collective influences, such as The Pharcyde, Quannum Spectrum, A Tribe Called Quest and the Sugar Hill Gang, to break new ground in the contemporary music scene, while maintaining the sensibility of hip-hop basics. Bad Genes consists of two emcees, a DJ, and a bassist/MPC wizard. Alias Antithesis (Emcee) was born and raised in Los Angeles with a passion and love for the music like no other. He integrates a soulful and energetic blend of flow and showmanship into his subtle, yet insightful wordplay. Diamond Del Rio (Emcee/Producer) hails from the Great Northwest, where he developed his unique old-school style and boyish charm. Beginning as a DJ, Del Rio can produce club banging beats for DJ eMpTy, coming out of the San Fernando Valley, who adds fierce scratch techniques and vocal samples to the musical soup. He keeps the cuts fresh and sharp, instilling artistic elements from early punk and hip-hop influences. B Maul (Bass/Live MPC/Producer) is a musical mastermind whose rhythmic and infectious grooves give every saucy beat life and harmonious form. Live or in the studio, playing it hard or smooth, Bad Genes is a fiery concoction of lyric peddlers, heavy rhythm merchants, and ...

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