Bad Luck Charms

There are 2 bands of the same name: 1) The term Rock n Roll comes from the ghetto slang, meaning sex, in the back of an automobile, hence, rock n roll. Well...The Bad Luck Charms are exactly that!! Slimy, Sleazy, Dirty Rock n Roll at it's finest!! Spawned from the attics and basements of old Kiss dolls, comics, Chuck Berry records, and Monster magazines. These electric cartoons straight outta Brooklyn New Yawk are fueled by the syringe sound of The Heartbreakers, tongue in cheek of Hanoi and The Stones and all the snot of the Dead Boys!!! This cast is made up of Kerry Martinez, on vox and guitar, who also plays guitar for U.S Bombs. Kerry has been performing and touring extensively on the World Wide circuit for a number of years.He has also produced many bands and has worked with such greats as, Wayne Kramer (MC 5), and Lars Fredericksen (Rancid) to name a few...and now, has his own guitar coming out soon, on Sparrow Guitars!! Brian Knott is on guitar/vox and has ripped his way through the New York City circuit playing some short stints with The Nuns, Molotov Cocktail and The Stiff Mickys. Max A. Million is a new addition to the Bad Luck Charms on bass guitar/vox and is quickly carving his name in the rock of the music world. Last but not least, Brenden the deal Van Meir on drums, and vox, formerly with the late Nick Hawkins of (B.A.D.) completes the B.L.C. quartet!! There's gonna be a whole lot of shakin,goin on!!! So, lock up your booze, your daughters, your mothers, your ...

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