Bad Reaction

Bad Reaction started in 2002 when our singer, Kash, moved from Brooklyn New York, to Los Angeles, California to start a band. Although it was a style currently absent from the local scene, Kash hoped to start a band Inspired by classic LA area hardcore bands such as the Adolescents, as well as other US Hardcore bands such as the Zero Boys, Minor Threat, and the Freeze. After a few false starts, the line up finally solidified when Kash and Jesse, the bass player, found Ben Edge through a flyer looking for Hardcore Punk guitarists. After a series of drummers, the three core members found Justin Laughlin, an Oklahoma native who had recently moved to LA looking for work as an audio editor for film and television. Although Justin had no real knowledge of Punk or Hardcore, and didn't particularly care for the style, he agreed to take on the band after a practice proved to him that the band was adding enough out of the ordinary rhythms/stops, etc... To make it interesting. With Justin on board and a final name change, Bad Reaction started writing and recording, and began an intense schedule of gigs that continues to the present. In 2002 the band self released their first CD demo, Six Songs. Although the quality of the recording left something to be desired, and the band was still finding its style, the CD met with a degree of success unusual for a demo recording, including getting airplay on Los Angeles punk radio show, Complete Control with Joe Sib, on local station Indie 103.1. Wh...

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