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There are at least 4 bands that go by the name Bad Taste Bad Taste is a band formed in Bar, Montenegro by Nemanja Bečo Bečanović. Their style varies from indie pop/rock and Boston-influenced alternative rock to post-rock/experimental/noise music mainly created in Nemanja's room. They released several albums, including: 24 Hours (2003), Strange Ways (2003), SubUrbia (2003), In One Bright Shiny Moment... (2004), Your Sickness Is Your Youth (2004), Dream To Everyone (2005), Payola (2005), Bad Taste (2006), Behind Dusty Roads (2006), Iconoscop (2008), Vortex (2008) as well as some EP's/Singles like: Greed (1999), Hologram (2006), Apponicon (2006) and Out of Tune (2007). Nemanja is also involved in some other experimental bands, most notably metaSound, Lo-Fi Calvinists, Broken Shoes, Mala moćna muzika and Sugar and Spice and all Things Nice. band page: Bad Taste is the thrashtastic funk outfit from Melbourne, Australia, Check it yo: Bad Taste is a Hardcore Punk band from Rochester NY. There was also a band in Sweden by the name Bad Taste. Their style was rock-oriented, and they played at, among other places, a youth-choir festival. Bad Taste is also a Hardcore band from Evansville IN Bad Taste is also ukrainian experimental rock band. Facebook Youtube myspace Bandcamp soundcloud. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additio...

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