Bad Vibes

There are three currently active bands known as Bad Vibes 1) Bad Vibes are a punk band from Coventry, UK active from 2013. 2) Bad Vibes are a Screamo band from the south suburbs of Chicago. or 3) Bad Vibes are a punk band from Delaware, USA active from 2013. hellaware (2013- ) years, years ago dark warlocks conceived a powerful spell known as dance punk when the high wizards disapproved, the dark warlocks told them to get fucked, and the high wizard council banished them to the sludgey swamps of Jupiter, and put their drum kits on Venus. the warlocks were pissed but they found out that in the swamps of jupiter you can huff the swamp fumes in a manner much like the Earth marijuans. so the warlocks huffed swamp fumes, but found that it changed their warlock powers so that they became magic-less, but they could rendition their songs albeit noisey as fuck and sounding like cracked out art school students from the Earth 1980s licking cassette tape recordings of cats and owls fucking while a possum watched and stood by for an opening to get some of that pussy- in the feline sense, here, as it hungered for frisky flesh. the warlocks in a channeling of their power brought themselves back to Earth, and made a musical band. sometimes i wish i had a duck penis that was long enough that I could helicopter away into the sun and escape the world. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By...

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