Alejandro Macias, better known as Badajalash & DJ Psyxel, is one of the very few psy progressive artists from Argentina. At the moment he is preparing the first release of his label Selknam Records which will see the light during the first semester of 2011. He started to DJ in 2005 -though connected to the electronic scene since 2000- playing in Germany (Traumfänger, Akitoka OA Fest, PAIA, Eternal Lights, among other parties), Netherlands (Ruigoord & Full Moon Festival in Den Haag), Belgium and Argentina, playing alongside well know artists of the psytrance scene such as Atomic Pulse, Protonica, Tron, Orgon Flow, Atma, Digicult, Mad Contrabender, plus many more. In 2008 Badajalash decided to focus on his own productions. After several months of intense studio activity his live set was ready, making his debut in Sweden (B4 Sunrise OA party in Helsingborg area) and playing at one of the most famous festivals around the globe: Universo Parallelo (10th Edition - Bahia, Brazil). His music is a blend of psychedelic sounds and groovy basslines, where tribal percussions, twisted synth lines, deep atmospheres, futuristic effects and propulsive bass meshes to form a stomping sound, regardless the speed which doesn´t exceed 140bpm. In early 2011 he is going to launch the new label Selknam Records, which will release top quality underground psy progressive music from all over the globe, covering all the substyles. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the ...

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