Badeyez (R&B'S SAVIOR) Noel Laurencin also know as Badeyez was born on august 3, 1989 in Miami,fl. Not only is he American but with his Caribbean back ground where both sides of family is from st Lucia of the west indies and Montserrat, music is a big requirement in this family Some say its my choice I say its destiny. I began to sing at age nine with in my chorus teacher Ms.Kelly back in third grade. As years pass i began to realize not only singing was apart my life but music in general from learning the business, production and more. So i began to get more serious from keyboard classes to three years with a music program at Horace Mann middle school with my teacher Mr.pinder who taught me what I know. The journey of high school was my true test. I began my entertainment company called badeyez production which i had only two artist ahkie trader(Redrum) Jamal Frank(J-money).With in that timeline daniel lewis(J-Trackz) which is a family member of I were preparing are selves for the time of the today and years to come. J-Trackz with outstanding production and engineering skills and my writing vocal, and management skills. In life today I have been with to groups of musicans As you know The hit boys with hit single paddle whack, Str8 drop recordz which consider the artist Bryon witter(M.U.R.K),Steve bellabre (Mysta B) Patrick Palmer (Young B), and now global star ent which is our label Mysta B and Badeyez. As know to many Force one studio is are home base where we record from...

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