Badmusicisbad is the work of Sarah Y. Perkins, a composer of minimalist, ambient and experimental music influenced by her years spent in the Indian subcontinent, her birthplace. Her parents were poor Indian farmers who could no longer afford more than one child, and so were forced to choose between the then-three year old Sarah and her twelve-year old brother Strongman. Sarah, though immensely intelligent for her age with a mental age of thirty two, was physically incapable of supporting the family in any meaningful way, and so she was the obvious choice for abandonment. Promptly abandoned deep in the Amazon (which her parents reached using their deep-sea submarine that was capable of running on poverty), she was raised by a pack of brain-eating parasites that taught her the way of the Eukaryote. Until she turned 14, her only companions were these single-celled organisms. Finally, she was saved from the wild by a traveling troupe of South American performers. She continued to travel with them for 3 years, but by 17 she was discovered once again by her original family, who had recently come across a vast sum of money. Poor Sarah was unable to forgive her family for their neglect, and engulfed in a fury of emotions, incapable of coping with her past, she found her way to the United States. Not able to afford housing, she moved to Parkland, Florida, where she played music on the streets for strangers' spare change. Eventually, she was adopted by a kind, white family. The love...

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