This is the wiki for artists called 'Bags' - that is: without the article 'The'. For the following groups, please visit The Bags and please make sure you scrobble correctly: 1. A first generation punk rock band (founded 1977) from Los Angeles, California, United States. 2. A hard rock/punk rock band (first album: 1987) from Lexington, Massachusetts, United States. At least three acts are called Bags: 1. A funk/soul quintet from Plainfield, New Jersey, United States, from around 1970, originally formed as The Admirations by brothers, Richard and Frankie Boyce. After Frankie was killed in action in Vietnam, the group reformed as Bags with Shaidi Banks, Gary Brunson and future Parliament vocalist, Glenn Goins. The band was often 'blue-eyed rock', but singles such as It's Heavy (1972) were dancefloor stompers at English dance clubs such as the Wigan Casino, famous for its Northern Soul 'all nighters' in the 1970s. 2) Simply known as Bags, Alan Bamford of Melbourne, Australia, is a producer of electronic music in the experimental and ambient domain. His music captures a balance between ambient releases from labels such as Kompakt, Chain Reaction and Imbalance/Computer Music, along with field recordings and samples which have been sourced sequentially from day to day, from a number of environments. 3) A pop/rock band from the Czech Republic. Website: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; addit...

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