It’s the early morning of 19 march 1988 when little Bahk gets his first tape of the Batman-1 soundtrack composed by Prince. This was the beginning of his interest in music. Ten years pass by when Bahk suddenly moves from big city Den Hague (Netherlands) to the small town off Eelde-Paterswolde. “Puberty brings me farmers!” he thinks, not knowing eventually he’s terribly wrong. In deep grief about leaving his friends behind, he locks himself up in de study of his parents together with his old pale: Compaq P2, 1.8 megahertz. During this time Bahk begins to explore the wonderful world of wide web, running into freeware such as hammerhead, cool edit and finally ending up with Fruityloops. Software he uses until this day. From now on Bahk could create his own music and sound. In his study Bahk produces hip-hop in particular. With his hip-hop band Northquake as hard core, listening to groups such as Mobb deep, Black Moon and especially the Wu-tang clan. Even until this day RZA remains a big inspiration with his plain raw beats combined with heavy orchestra. After finishing school Bahk’s interest in sound, tone and composition remains leading him to the city of Amsterdam were he finishes a 4 year course as sound-engineer in 2005 at the Dutch Film Academy. “I didn’t want to make my hobby my work, so I choose to see what sound can do for cinema” Far away from his hip-hop friends, gives Bahk the freedom of discovering other music styles varying from ambient to hard elec...

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