Bahntier is an Italian project started at the end of 1999 as solo ambient/experimental project of Stefano Rossello. Over time, the sounds of the project evolved and became more aggressive, concrete, and percussive. In the summer of 2000 Stefano recorded some tapes and cds that caught the attention of the E.N.D.E. Radioluxor label. In 2001 Bahntier released the first official demo. On this release some vocal elements were added to the sounds. Bahntier began to perform live and the number of people involved in the Bahntier live act increased. The exhibitions are a mix of sounds and hard visual performance involving video projection, theatrical lighting and art performance. The Bahntier live act line-up became Stefano Rossello (voice, synth and performer) with Christian Battiferro (percussion and samplers) and Filippo Corradin and Valentina Sanna (projection and lighting efx). In April of 2002 Stefano Rossello met (thanks to the E.N.D.E. label) Simon Balestrazzi, leader of the historical Italian band T.A.C. and ex member of the Kirlian Camera project. Simon decided to works on the production of the new Bahntier release that was recorded at the NeuroHabitat studios in Cagliari (the same studio where Balestrazzi is producing his new T.A.C. release and the release of TH26). Before the release of this album, Bahntier performed at the Metamatik Festival with Suicide Commando. P.A.L. and VNV Nation. The great live performance generated a buzz around the Bahntier project. Before...

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