Bahram Sadeghi

Dr. Bahram Sadeghi (persian بهرام صادقی born in Isfahan, Iran, 8 January 1937, died 3 January 1985), poet and noted modernist fiction writer of the 20th century, who explored new literary techniques with almost each piece he wrote. Sadeghi was the fourth and last child of a small retailer in Najaf-Ābād, near Isfahan, completed his elementary education in Najaf-Ābād in 1949, attended Adab High School in Isfahan for his secondary education. In 1955, he moved to Tehran, where he attended medical school at the Tehran University. In 1966, before finishing his medical studies, he began his military service and after the mandatory period of basic training, served the rest of his tour of duty in the Health Corp in Yāsuj, Khuzestan. When he returned to Tehran in 1968 he began working in a clinic in Karaj, near Tehran and at the same time, continued his education at the Tehran University, and received his medical degree in 1974. In 1976 Sadeghi married Žilā Pirmorādi and had two daughters. He spent the rest of his life in Tehran. On 3 January 1985, a year after his mother’s death- an event that had a devastating effect on his life - he died at the age of 48 from a heart failure presumably related to his severe drug addiction, which had prevented him from writing in his last years and ended his life short. Sadeghi started writing poetry and prose at a young age and was still in high school when his poems, under the pseudonym “Sahbā Meghdāri” an anagram of his n...

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