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BaianaSystem is a musical project aimed at spreading and exploring new possibilities through the sounds of Guitarra Baiana. This singular electric guitar - created in Bahia in the forties - was responsible for the creation of Trio Eletrico (a big moving sound system). It was also responsible for an instrumental language of the electric guitar which you will find in the interpretation of frevos, choros and several other musical styles that got new shape from the richness of the sound of this instrument. It was from the need to expand this fullness of sound - while attempting to incorporate it into other musical genres thereby opening up a range of influences and offering the public a new dialogue with this instrument - that the Baiana System project emerged, where the Guitarra Baiana is the starting point. Idealised by Robertinho Barreto, guitar player of the group “Lampironicos”, who has been playing it for some time in the group and in many others musical projects, the BaianaSystem does not have a defined format but can assume many different arrangements. The underlying idea is the presence of a Live P.A. whereby the D.J. interacts with the Guitarra Baiana to produce a new musical arrangement. The DJ will work with the sampler and/or played bases, fitting in sounds and effects with freedom for improvisation. It uses resources such as layers, effects and loops, in a conception inspired by the freedom and psicodely of Dub. The purpose of the project is to think about the c...

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