Baily Stauffer

If there is one thing that Baily Stauffer knows, and knows too well, it is that of heartache and loss. Over the past few years of playing in numerous bands and living through some of the hardest moments in life, a sound was born and a goal was set to be obtained. Every note and song drips with heartache, lessons learned, and the thought of starting all over again. After spending a few years in the northwest creating her sound, Baily Stauffer moved back home to get away from many things and finally do something with the songs that continued to haunt her every single night. In May 2008, a ghost finally became a haunting reality, with the independent release of her full length record: Beginning's End. With the help of STack Sound and fellow songwriter, Zach Whiton, a record was born. With a blending of rock, folk, and blues, the record is a sound all its own. The band's influences include Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Rolling Stones, etc. Their sound is crafted from many artists of the past and many new bands that are just beginning. One thing to know is that this is not your typical woman fronted band. They play with an intensity that will grab your heartstrings as if you were right there in the moment the song was written from. Baily writes and plays with an intensity well beyond her years. The fellow band mates also pull from numerous experiences and influences, fusing together an unforgettable sound. They are the picture of starting over, of losing much, and gai...

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