Baishui is a composer and guitarist from China, born in Yibin, Sichuan Province. Though never get any formal music education, he found his enthusiasm in music at a very young age and began to learn music all by himself. Besides guitar, he also learned to play keyboards, piano and lots of traditional Chinese instruments such as Dizi, Xiao, Xun, Cheng and Ruan. When studying in university, Baishui already started to write music and formed a rock band with friends, rehearsing for some small gigs. Driven by the favor in European Neo-Folk, Baishui’s music also focused on Neo-Folk and Dark-Ambient at first. He started a Neo-Folk project named Bloody Woods, in which he composed all the music and played all the instruments while his friend Gudao joined in as lyric writer and singer. Self-released debut EP “Women in the Hole”, featuring songs finished during 2004 to 2006, was a concept album, telling a medieval story. Later, second EP “Apocalypse of the Sound” was released through Midnight Records, as a follow-up to that story. During the same period, Baishui formed another Dark-Folk project named Eltan Renaxy with Lamia, who had a Neo-Classical project named Whisper of Tears by her own. As the way it worked in Bloody Woods, Baishui played all the instruments and created a set of rather absurd songs with Lamia, which were later featured in the album “Weird Ballads in My Town”. Works from this period got both favorable and critical response. While it was after Eltan Rena...

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