Bais Playa aka Mii Taokia is a product of his enviroment.He was inspired to play bass guitar at the age of nine while watching 'Ryan Monga' of Ardijah in concert at Rainbows End Amusement Park. The next day he picked up a bass guitar and has never looked back.He started his own record label in May 2004 and has seen his label sign acts such as Jarobi,Faiz 2 and Tony T.His mission is to promote acts exclusively from the South Pacific.Hes worked hard cutting his teeth in the seediest,bong smoke filled,alcoholic,filthy,dangerous,angriest,pool stick weilding,gang affiliated,pompous,rude,disrespectful bars,pads,birthdays,weddings,dives and alleys with the band Thats Us from '89-94.The hardest working band in South Auckland. In 95/96,I hooked up with Dee (from Cydel) and formed the rhythm section for bands such as ,D-Faction,Dave Parker and The Parker Project,Ngaire,Empty Roomz and Wanted. I continued my musical journey studying at MAINZ in 2002. Along with Nick Williams,Lee Morunga and Dave McGyver we formed the live jazz,reggae,rock and blues,funk experience Whaiao.The band was born from jams with tutors/jazz musicians Alan Brown of Blue Train(keys) and Josh Sorenson of The Grand Central Band-(drums) Since then i have been recording like crazy on solo tracks and playing live with 'The Cydel Unit','The Soul Purveyors', 'The Agressors, 'This Way Up' and 'Empty Roomz'.My music comes from the soul of South Auckland...Otara. Til the nxt round... Read more on User-contributed ...

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