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Baja Mali Knindža (Serbian: Баја Мали Книнџа), whose real name is Mirko Pajčin, is a Bosnian Serb turbo folk singer. He was born on 13 October 1966 in the village of Gubin, near Livno, Bosnia. Baja Mali Knindža performs patriotic songs and odes to alcohol, such as “Duni vjetre preko jetre” (Blow, wind, through the liver). Baja Mali Knindza is well known for his nationalist songs supporting the Serbian war effort against the Croats and Bosniaks. Since the fall of Krajina, Baja Mali Knindza has written many songs about his dream of the Serbian people returning to live in the territories occupied during the Croatian War of Independence. The songs also express his sorrow of living without his land. Many of the songs have become instant hits, such as “Ne rodila ni njivo ni sljivo”. Here is a sample of the lyrics from the song: Ne rodila ni njivo ni šljivo / The plums nor the fields have grown I sve im se osušilo živo / and everthing has dried up on them Što sadili, ništa ne rodilo / whatever they have planted, nothing has grown Hej, dušmani, prokleto vam bilo / my enemy, may you be forever cursed Discography Albums * 1991: Ne dam Krajine / Не дам Крајине * 1992: Stan’te paše i Ustaše / Стан’те паше и усташе * 1993: Živjeće ovaj narod / Живјеће овај народ * 1993: Uživo sa braćom Bajić, Rašom Pavlovićem i Goricom Ilić / Уживо са браћом Бајић, Рашом Павлови�...

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